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Organic Menu for Tuesday, March 31st 2020



1. Creamy Oyster Mushroom Pasta W/ Seared Wild Greens & Green Chili Cashew Cream (GF, mild spice): gluten free brown rice noodles*, broccoli*, violet greens*, stinging nettles*, chickweed*, sweet peppers, oyster mushrooms, cashews*, miyokos butter*, olive oil*, nutritional yeast, jalapeno, roasted anaheim peppers*, sea salt, black pepper*

2Seared Vegetable & Pinto Bean Migas w/ Fresh Tomatillo Salsa (GF, F, mild spice): corn tortillas*, pinto beans*, carrot*, green cabbage*,sweet potato*, tofu*, sweet peppers, poblano peppers, cilantro, onion*, sweet corn*, tomatillos, cumin seed*, poblano peppers, lime*, thyme*, olive oil*, smoked paprika*, sea salt, black pepper* 

3. Sautéed Tempeh & Mixed Veggies w/ Asian Peanut Sauce & Brown Rice (GF, F): short grain brown rice*, tempeh*, broccoli*, napa cabbage, daikon*, sweet peppers, carrot*, onion*, scallion, toasted sesame oil*, wheat free tamari*, peanut butter*, cilantro*, coconut milk*, garlic*, sea salt, black pepper*

4. Cabbage, Butternut & Mushroom Gratin w/ Cashew Cream (GF, F): green cabbage*, butternut squash, potatoes*, chestnut mushrooms, stinging nettles*, cashew cream*, nutritional yeast, onion*, garlic, sea salt, black pepper*

5. Hearty Black Bean & Quinoa Bowl w/ Sweet Potatoes & Herbs (GF, F): black beans*, quinoa*, sweet potatoes*, kale*, onion*, carrot*, celery*, red pepper*, cilantro, wild stinging nettles, sea salt, black pepper*, ancho chili powder*, nutritional yeast

6. Greek Style Roasted Vegetables (GF): Sweet potatoes*, broccoli*, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, fennel*, crushed tomatoes*, sweet peppers*, olive oil*, lemon juice*, onion*, garlic, sea salt, black pepper*, parsley*, oregano*

7. Cream of Potato Soup w/ Seared Oyster & Lions Mane Mushrooms  (GF, F): Yukon potatoes*, lions mane, oyster mushroom, onion*, celery*, cashew cream*, garlic, sea salt, black pepper*, parsley*, smoked paprika 


8. Mexican Kale & Cabbage Taco Salad w/ Roasted Pepper Aioli & Roasted Mushroom Grounds (GF):  kale*, green cabbage*, cremini mushroom*, carrot*, cherry tomatoes*, red peppers, onion*, vegan mayo, sweet corn*, jalapenos*, lime juice, cilantro*, nutritional yeast sea salt, black pepper*

9. Indian Cabbage, Cilantro & Mango Salad (GF): green cabbage*, mango*, sliced pepper*, onion*, garlic, cilantro, mint*, toasted sesame oil*, lemon juice*, lime juice* sea salt, black pepper*, cumin*, coriander*


10Strawberry, Maple & Vanilla Cobbler (GF, F): GF oats*, puffed rice*, sliced almonds, strawberries, apple sauce*, maple syrup*, coconut milk*, coconut oil*, lemon juice*, sea salt, cinnamon*



***Spreadable Cashew Cheese Available Weekly: cashews*, garlic, chickpea miso*, nutritional yeast, sea salt; 8 oz container is $6.25



*Organic           GF:  Gluten Free           F:  Freezable Item

Local Farm List: Gaining Grounds, R Farm, Flying Cloud Farm & Gnome Town Farm



Eden-Out Pricing


A La Carte (12 oz) - $7 per item ($7.49 with tax)

A La Carte (24 oz) - $13.50 per item ($14.45 with tax)

Half Order (24 oz - 5 pack) for Pick-up  - $63.75 ($68.21 with tax),

Half Order (12 oz - 10 pack) for Pick up - $63.75  ($68.21 with tax),

Full Order 24 oz. (9 Items) for Pick-up - $99.25 ($106.20 with tax),

Full Order 24 oz. (10 items) for Pick-up - $110.00 ($117.70 with tax), 

There is a $10 discount on Double Orders (Over 18 items ~ 24 oz each).

(Updated as of October 1st, 2019)


**You may order any number of dishes that you want to, in either a 12 or 24 oz package. You receive a discount (per meal) when you increase your order up to a Half Order from the A La Carte section; again the price per meal decreases when you increase your order from the Half Order to a Full Order. Receive an additional 10% off when you sign up for the Monthly Payment Plan. Find more info about the Monthly Plan below. 



All delivery orders require a minimum of a HALF ORDER.

If you choose to have your order delivered there will be an extra fee of either $5 or $7.50 depending on your zip code. The rate is based upon the proximity to the Eden-Out headquarters.


$5 Delivery Fee Range include the following zip codes:

28801 - 28803 - 28804 - 28805 - 28806 - 28787


$7.50 Delivery Fee Range Include:

All other zip codes within our delivery area, which is a 30 mile radius from our headquarters (148-C Weaverville Hwy, Woodfin NC).


Monthly VIP Membership is for those customers who wish to order the same number of items each week and be billed once a month at the beginning of the month. You save 10% on your order by choosing this option on a month to month basis.  It works this way: Each month will have 4 or 5 weeks. For example, the month of February, 2015 has 4 weeks. You decide on the plan that works best for you ( half, full or ten pack or any other number of items you want to order each week). At the beginning of the month, you pay for the total monthly cost plus tax, less a 10% discount.  

For instance, if you pick full order plus dessert (10 items) for pick up the price is $110.00 plus 7% tax each week and if there are 4 weeks in the month, that would be $440 and then we would subtract 10% ($44) for selecting the monthly plan and then add a 7% tax as usual ($27.72) which equals $423.72 for the month. 


How do you sign up for Eden-Out's Monthly VIP Membership?  You can either email us or go directly to the online order form. On the order form pick the 'Monthly Payment Plan' from the drop down selections and we will contact you to go over your specific plan preferences. Each week thereafter, you should check the current menu to pick the items that you want to order and let us know via the online order form or e-mail is fine too! It’s real simple! If you sign up one month and know that the next month you are going to be out of town, no worries. We try to be flexible and work with your schedule so just let us know what works best for you.    


Deliveries are made between 10 am - 2 pm on Tuesdays

Pick-ups may be made between 2 pm - 6 pm on Tuesdays at

148-C Weaverville Hwy, Woodfin, NC 28804

Call 828-645-3336 for any questions regarding the service


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