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Menu for March 31st, 2020



1. Creamy Oyster Mushroom Pasta w/ Seared Wild Greens & Green Chili Cashew Cream (GF, mild spice)   

2. Seared Vegetable & Pinto Bean Migas w/ Fresh Tomatillo Salsa (GF, F, mild spice) 

3. Sauteed Tempeh & Mixed Veggies w/ Asian Peanut Sauce & Brown Rice (GF, F)   

4. Cabbage, Butternut & Mushroom Gratin (GF, F)         

5. Hearty Black Bean & Quinoa Bowl w/ Sweet Potatoes & Herbs (GF, F) 

6. Greek Style Roasted Vegetables (GF, F) 

7. Cream of Potato Soup w/ Seared Oyster & Lions Mane Mushrooms  (GF, F)


8. Mexican Kale & Cabbage Taco Salad (GF) 

9. Indian Cabbage, Cilantro & Mango Salad (GF)       



10.  Strawberry, Maple & Vanilla Cobbler (GF, F)


***Spreadable Cashew Cheese Available Upon Request; 8 oz container is $6.25


GF:  Gluten Free                        F:  Freezable



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