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Q. How do I place my order?
We post a new menu every Wedensday to be delivered the folllowing Tuesday.  You can place your order by submitting your online Order Form (feel free to e-mail us if you need to make any changes to your order). Be specific on the order form and you can choose a week-to-week plan or monthly plan. The Monthly Payment Plan will save you 10% off the monthly total. You can also choose to “auto-renew”, allowing for automatic delivery of our new creations each week.  You can also click here to email us.

Q: How much food comes in a single order?
A single weekly meal plan will feed one person enough food for lunch and dinner for 6-7 days OR two adults, one main meal per day all week long!  This i
ncludes 9 savory dishes, a full 24-ounce container (approx. 3 servings each, 6-8 oz per serving).

Q: When is the food delivered?  

Your first delivery will come on Tuesday (between 10 am and 2 pm usually... however it could arrive later in the day due to long delivery route). 

Q. Do you shop local? Is it organic?
Yes. We purchase wholesome organic ingredients from local farmers and businesses as a huge part of our buying process to provide you with the freshest ingredients and to minimize our environmental impact. Our strongest commitment being to growing organic world wide drives us to be using 80%-90% organic ingredients in all of our meals.  You will see our Chef at the local Farmer's Markets on Saturday morning picking up food for your meals.

Q: What Does “Plant-based” mean? Are your meals completely vegan?
Our meals are 100% plant-based (aka “vegan”). “Vegan” is defined as containing no animal ingredients or animal by-products. We do not use any eggs, dairy, meat, honey, or calcium caseinate in any of our dishes. Our cheeses and mock-meats are always made with non-GMO soy, tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, non-saturated margarine, olive, nut and seed oils.

Q: Are your meals Gluten-Free?
All menu items (if not already gluten-free) have a gluten-free option available at no additional charge. Our raw meals are always gluten free. You can see the ingredients on the menu page

WARNING FOR CELIACS AND OTHERS WITH SIMILAR CONDITIONS: We do not have a separate gluten-free kitchen and are unable to guarantee that trace amounts of gluten will not appear in a gluten-free menu item. Our staff takes great care to ensure that this does not happen, but we urge you to be cautious. Please consult your physician and feel free to forward your questions to our chefs


Q: Can I customize my order?
We make 11 fresh dishes each week. You can mix-and-match between those 11 options to make your perfect menu. Since we prepare our orders in bulk, we cannot eliminate or substitute specific ingredients. However, if you’re certain you won’t like one of the dishes, you may substitute it for another dish. For instance, if you don’t like dish #2 on the menu, you can get two of dish #3. 

Q: Is there a contract or do I need to order a minimum number of weeks?
There is no contract- just week to week basis. We have a delivery minimum of a half order but if you want to pick up your meals there is no minimum order to enjoy Eden-Out’s meals. However, we do recommend specifying “auto-renewal” if you want an Eden-Out Meal Package each week without the hassle of online ordering each week. 

Q: Where do you deliver?
Our delivery area is centered in Asheville, NC.  It extends South to Hendersonville and Brevard; North to Mars Hill; West to Waynesville and East to Black Mountain, covering all the towns in between. The delivery cost ranges from $5 to $7.50 depending on distance.

Q: What do I do if I’m not going to be home at the time of delivery?
Your order is delivered to your home or office on Tuesdays between 10:00 am-2:00 pm. Each order is delivered directly to you at your doorstep and if you’re unavailable at delivery time, the order can be left outside your home or office in an insulated cooler bag and ice packs. You can add the cooler bag and ice packs onto your order for $10 or you can provide your own coolers / ice packs. Most of our clients leave a cooler out for us (standard size, large enough to hold about 3 (12 oz. cans) six packs of soda and ice).If you have special delivery needs, please call us at (828) 645-3336

Q: How long will my food keep?
Since our meals are vegan, they keep extremely well with proper refrigeration after delivery. Virtually all of our dishes should keep for a full 5-6 days. For best results, we recommend eating raw and other non-cooked salads earlier than later. Although not recommended, meals may be frozen. Leafy dishes, salads, slaws and puddings typically do not freeze well. If you choose to freeze foods, transfer them to an airtight container prior to freezing. We have added an "F" to the label on the items that are appropriate for freezing.

Q: How should I serve or reheat dishes?
Recommended serving or reheating instructions are included on dish container labels. It is best to re-heat using the stove (either baking or stove top on medium heat). Although we’re not advocates of microwave reheating, you may choose to do so. However, always use a microwave-safe dish and do not microwave in the containers in which food is delivered.

Q: What type of packaging do you use? 

The primary hinged deli containers used in 10 out of the 11 of the menu items are made from a PETE #1 - 100% Post consumer recyclable plastic which fits a strong sustainability foot print. The soup container is made from a LDPE #4 Plastic. This plastic, however, is not recyclable via curbside recycling but they are great to re-use via hand-washing. Find more info on plastic here.  

Q: Can I get a discount for referring my friends?
Yes! For each person you refer who places an order, receive a $10 discount on your next order. Just have them tell us they were referred by you or note in on the online form and don't forget to remind us if you are due a referral fee.  


Q: Are nutritional labels and detailed information available for your meals?
We do not currently provide nutritional information. Our menu and ingredients are posted online for each weekly menu. However, with such a dynamic menu that changes each week (unlike fast food or other restaurant chains with a fixed menu), it would be impractical to determine and post precise nutritional labels and information. In addition, we want our chefs to have the liberty and flexibility to use their creativity and culinary talents in cooking and creating delicious dishes at the same time using absolutely the most organic, gluten free and unprocessed ingredients

Q: Can I lose weight by eating Eden-Out meals?
We do not advertise our service as a weight loss program and are not fitness or weight loss consultants. We believe in preparing clean, natural food with the best ingredients available to help the body function at its very best. However, we have had many customers thank us for helping them lose weight.